Monday, January 23, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chinese weddings and shark fins

I've been attending a lot of wedding dinners recently, the Chinese kind. It's annoying because it means I've to put in effort to dress a little nicer and socialise with people who don't get my interests and think it's pfft. That pretty much means that most of the time I've to don a fake smile and pretend that I'm okay with them putting me down...

But that's still bearable. Shark fin soup, however, is NOT.

And they don't get why I refuse to drink up and accuse me of wastage. WTF indeed.

So for my wedding (if I'll ever have one), I will not serve shark fin soup, and in place of that, when the (vegetarian?) soup is being served, I will air a short video on shark finning which will hopefully be as graphic as possible so that everyone, young and old, will understand why we have to protect sharks and stop the cruel practice of finning. When the demand stops, the finning will stop too.

And if the young ones can be made to emphatise with the sharks, they will be agents of change because they have the uncanny ability of embarassing adults who do bad things. ;)